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Eurovignette belgium online dating


Order the vignette online now and avoid having to wait in long queues at the issue points. The Euro vignette is recognized in every Eurovignette country.

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You are therefore able to travel in every Euro vignette country with just one valid Euro vignette. Home Products Contact myTolltickets. A Eurovignette for the Benelux countries and Scandinavia There is one vignette obligation for all trucks as from 12 tons in Belgium, Denmark, Luxembourg and Sweden.

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Vehicle type Validity Quantity Eurovignette: For which vehicles does the vignette obligation apply? The vignette obligation applies for all vehicles with a maximum permitted weight in excess of 12 tons.

Can I also still buy a vignette for today? Yes, the validity of the vignette commences Eurovignette belgium online dating the relevant recording date.

Otherwise, the vignette is always valid as from 0: A back-dated entry is no longer possible. Can I cancel a vignette entry? Yes, you are able to cancel an entry again via this portal up to a maximum of 60 Eurovignette belgium online dating after the time of the relevant recording. A cancellation is no longer possible thereafter and you have to arrange a reimbursement through AGNES.

A cancellation at a sales office is no longer possible.

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How can I obtain a refund? A refund is only possible if your vignette is valid for at least another month. Only full months are reimbursed if the validity has not commenced. More precise information is available to you at www. Can I buy a Eurovignette belgium online dating for all my vehicles? You can basically buy a Eurovignette for all your vehicles here.

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Only for vehicles which are registered in Belgium, Denmark or Sweden do you have to acquire a Eurovignette at the national tax authority or at the national road traffic office. Which axle number do Eurovignette belgium online dating have to state? You have to state the whole number of the axles of your gear.

The tandem axle counts as two axles and lifting and hoisting axles always have to be included. Am I able to correct vehicle data for a Eurovignette? For a Eurovignette, the vehicle license Eurovignette belgium online dating number, the emission category Euro norm and the number of axles are stored for a Eurovignette. If a stated amount is incorrect, you have to cancel the vignette and apply for a Eurovignette belgium Eurovignette belgium online dating dating one.

If you have stated too many axles or a worse emission category, you are nonetheless able to use the Euro vignette, Any excess amount paid cannot be refunded however.

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Where do I find the emission category Euro norm of my vehicle? You can find the emission category Euro norm in your vehicle registration documents, in the CEMT approval or in the manufacturer's confirmation document for Eurovignette belgium online dating vehicle.

If you are unable to find any details, you always have to state EURO 0. Please bear in mind that the Eurovignette belgium online dating entry will not be checked when a Eurovignette is purchased. However, in the event of an inspection, you have to be able to verify the emission category by means of appropriate documents.

How can I print out my Eurovignette voucher? The accounting document for each recorded Eurovignette can be printed out at any time and also retroactively with regard to your orders in the mytoll-tickets sector. The accounting document is to be regarded as an invoice for taxation purposes under the relevant tax law. Please bear in mind that you do not have to keep the voucher in the vehicle as a relevant Eurovignette belgium online dating documentation.

Roads subject to tolls and Eurovignette belgium online dating vignette. All vehicles from a total admissible weight of 12t require an Euro vignette for the use of motorways and express roads subject to a charge in Belgium, Denmark, Luxemburg, the Netherlands and Sweden.

The previous paper vignette has been replaced by an electronic vignette since The advantage of the new technology is that the vignette can be purchased Eurovignette belgium online dating and is immediately valid if required. Sending Eurovignette belgium online dating maintaining the vignette or a Eurovignette belgium online dating and sticking the vignette on the windscreen is no longer required.

All Eurovignette belgium online dating necessary vignette data such as the relevant validity and vehicle data is stored centrally by the toll operators and is immediately available to the authorities for control purposes. In addition to the Eurovignette obligation on motorways Eurovignette belgium online dating tollways, an additional toll charge is levied on a number of bridges, tunnels and ferries in Belgium, The Netherlands, Sweden Eurovignette belgium online dating Denmark.

Further information on the aforesaid is obtainable below: Valid as from the requested date up to the start of the same day in the following month e. Valid as from the requested day up to the Eurovignette belgium online dating of the same day in the following year e.

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