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Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating


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When one talks about Park Yoochun, what comes to your mind first? It is equivalent to a first sight love. Nobody can escape Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating, even young kids or older aged fans!

When he laughs, you will laugh with him. When he cries, you will cry with him. His unusual spiritual attraction lies in his beautiful yet speedy-thinking brain. There are no other guys like him in the world — an almost perfect boyfriend or husband! Even his younger brother, Yoohwan admits that his brother is very fatherly at home and is cool on stage.

Yoochun treats his mum like a queen and Yoohwan like Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating king! He bought a big house which he called Goong Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating working hard over the years in order to bring them back from America. He misses them a lot but things have become better ever since they live with him. By just listening to the title of the song, one knows it will be a song of love and romance. Yes, it is nonetheless a sad song of love memories but with an optimistic hyped- dance rhythm!

Update 1: Park Yoochun's Agency...

Go Ara, a Korean actress recites about the baby girl being a mere memory and the lyricist has gotten over, hence he apologizes. Junsu then starts singing with a soft tone about him cannot Park Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating and micky yoochun dating anything when he hears her voice even Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating she has cried.

The soft guitar at the beginning is a gentle tune that slowly builds up to the climax of the song. Yoochun once again repeats himself in the song about the music in the crowded streets where he can feel that his heart has stopped beating. Jaejoong Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating if he was a good person towards his love because of the happy days spent together and asked why tears have filled his eyes.

The chorus was repeated a number of times which makes it very addictive with a strong beat as background. During the live performance, Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating rearranged it into a ballad version. He began by showing off his wonderful piano skills with a light playing of the introduction and Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating throughout the whole song. You can hear every single note clearly.

He sang each phrase with full emotions. With his seductive voice, you will fall for this gorgeous boy who is full of music talents. Both songs have discussed about the separation of his baby with him.

However, I do not wish this to happen in reality because Yoochun deserves a genuine loving baby. From my knowledge, his Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating dog, Harang which its name means love is his only baby for years. Harang is equivalent to a person that Yoochun loves endlessly!

This song was composed and written by Yoochun. It features the arrangement of Yoochun and Shinjiro Inue with the beautiful string arrangement of Crasher Kimura. You guys with me?

We are the one eternally! Yoochun has this personality of Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating rather quiet in Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating but he is actually very caring and Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating towards his loved ones. Another noteworthy part of this song lays in the brotherhood of the Park Park yoohwan Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating micky yoochun dating. Yoohwan has always supported Yoochun because he knew that music is everything to his brother.

In Kiss the Baby Sky, he penned down the rap lyrics and they were Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating without a single word being changed confessed by Yoohwan in TV Daily interview. This has made Yoohwan very motivated to provide his brother a helping hand in the future for more lyrical composition of which I am looking forward to.

A perfect collaboration between the two wonderful brothers! The content of the lyrics is an image of two Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating bidding farewell with a smile. They split up for the future of each other.

It is a sad yet positive song. When the tour comes, I want to sing along with the audiences. He sang it with all the members, staffs and audiences towards the end of the concert which is an amazing video to watch.

In summary, Kiss the Baby Sky has a very refreshing tune which features lots of higher range notes with impressive instrumental background music. It blends well with the vocals Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating the members and it is very appealing in its own right. It is simple yet fantastic! Yoochun should give himself another round of applause! A recommended song to bring up cheers! SJ, in my eyes are brilliant at dancing for having 13 members — very synchronized.

They are excellent at variety shows because they always crack fans up until fans drop but somehow I love KRY lots SJ sub-group for their strong singing ability. I am a big fan of Yesung, who has a brilliant voice.

His specialty is belting, which is his natural super high notes vocal. They trained together during the younger days and had good friendship.

This has turned me into a THSK fan! They did not translate their songs from Korean to Japanese, but came up with brand new Japanese songs. Japanese songs are Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating in tune with Korean songs.

Japanese songs are very melodious while Korean songs have very hot dance style beat. The five boys started to learn the language, culture and music first before standing on big stages and appearing in music shows on TV. They spoke fluent Japanese language. There were times when they went into serious depression such as talking to crows, crying over days, using shoes to get signals for phones, etc.

With the support of Japanese fans, THSK succeeded in becoming the first male foreign group to break records by topping Oricon chart. After the lawsuit started inTHSK went on hiatus which was sad news for many fans. I, Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating continue to support Park Yoochun Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating my Angel. Let me tell you why Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating love JYJ endlessly.

When Yoochun returned to Korea...

JYJ is no ordinary idol group, they are purely musicians! JYJ consists of three young loving, friendly, caring and sincere boys who wish to express themselves with their powerful vocal and have a strong passion for composing music.

Update 1: Park Yoochun's Agency...

At that time, I did not go crazy over Yoochun until I found out the composer of those two songs because I love them and they have brought me inspiration during my final year university exams. It was Park Yoochun — I thought that this boy must have studied music as they were brilliant piece of works. However, to my surprise, this boy started composing since his childhood days! He self-learnt piano when he was in school but took him a long time to do it.

He plays the piano very well and writes great compositions but Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating cannot read Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating admitted by Yoochun and Jaejoong personally in SBS Good Morning Show! He even taught Jaejoong how to play the piano — amazing, is he not a music genius? Many friends laughed at me when I told them that I admire this boy for his special skill but they told me that many Korean stars are famous for their flowery looks, thanks to plastic surgery!

Nobody believes in me. However, I did not listen to my friends and continue to shower love to Yoochun as I have put my trust in his skills for music composition.

I started learning the piano when I was young and have achieved very high distinctions for my exams but failed at music composition as music composition is not an easy task if one wants to get a perfect piece of work. I have the courage to critique because music is as important as my life! I wish to listen to real music, not those crap computer-made-autotunes with hopeless sounds!

Many Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating idols are not born purely for music, even though they were trained for years but they do not understand what music is yet they dare to stand on stage to claim awards!

Where have the music sense gone to? Have they flown into the rubbish bin? I must admit that most of them dance very well and have perfect body shapes like god n goddess but music is music, dancing is dancing. Yes, both come in pair but one has to show the vocal first if considering a singing career, if not, turn the table round and debut as a dancer instead! Most Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating, they produce great music — that is my conclusion!

If one listens carefully, Jaejoong is better at music arrangement and best as his husky wide-range vocal.

I'll talk about dramas if...

Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating At times, I consider his music as weird although he always tries his best. Yoochun is sometimes lazy at arranging and his Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating is not as powerful as Junsu but he is perfect at composing.

I do not discuss Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating about Junsu because Junsu dances very well, and yes, perfect swaying Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating and has great emotions Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating his singing. He has the longest training days Park yoohwan and micky yoochun dating comparison to Jaejoong and Yoochun and is regarded as one of Kpop top idol singer. Listen to Junsu singing impromptu Chajatta KBS Live News Time and one will realize that without any background music, his pitch is more than perfect!

JYJ has big dreams — become true musicians who can compose, produce, sing and dance. I told many people, call me a fan or anti-fan, I do not mind but most important is Jaejoong and Junsu do not quit singing and Yoochun does not stop composing. That is my very dearest wish! Give these boys your wings to soar higher, to climb up the mountains, to swim through the rough waves and to walk past the jungles.

These pieces were praised highly by music professors from Germany, England and France. Bells are ringing outside the church, Gardens are filled with blooming daffodils, Birds are chirping from tree tops, A rainbow flowing down from heaven, An angel was born with special genes in music, With the meaning of sky in his name, A true secret weapon was discovered.

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My love for this angel will never die, Remains forever and everlasting, You are my dreamy soul, Brightening my day with your smiles, No matter it rains or snows, You are a candle to light my life.

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