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It was adopted by the Austrian Army as the StG 77 Sturmgewehr 77 in[3] where it replaced the 7. Its variants have also been adopted by the armed forces of dozens of countries. The Steyr AUG is a selective-firebullpup weapon with a conventional gas-piston-operated action that fires from a closed bolt. The AUG employs a very high level of advanced firearms technology and is made with the extensive use of polymers and aluminum components. It is chambered in 5. Some nations including Australia, Ireland Steyr aug review uk dating New Zealand use a Steyr aug review uk dating with a 1: The SMG versions are chambered for 9mm Parabellum.

The AUG consists of six interchangeable assemblies: The AUG has a rotating bolt that features 7 radial locking lugs and is unlocked by means of a pin on the bolt body and a recessed camming guide machined into the bolt carrier.

The bolt carrier itself is guided by two guide rods brazed to it and these Steyr aug review uk dating run inside steel bearings in the receiver. The guide rods are hollow and contain the return springs. The bolt also contains a claw extractor that forms the eighth locking lug and a spring-loaded "bump"-type casing ejector. The gas cylinder is offset to the right side of the barrel and works with one of the two guide rods.

The AUG uses a short-stroke piston system where the right guide rod serves as the action rod, transmitting the rearward motion of the gas-driven piston to the bolt carrier. The left-hand rod provides retracting handle pressure when connected by the forward assist and can also be utilized as a reamer to remove fouling in the gas cylinder.

The firearm uses a 3-position gas valve. The first Steyr aug review uk dating, marked with a small dot, is used for normal operation. The second setting, illustrated with a large dot, indicates fouled conditions.

The third, "GR" closed position Steyr aug review uk dating used to launch rifle grenades of the non-bullet trap type. The AUG is hammer-fired and the firing mechanism is contained in the rear of the stock, near the butt, covered by a synthetic rubber shoulder plate. The hammer group is made entirely of plastics except for the springs and pins and is contained in an open-topped plastic box which lies between the magazine and the buttplate.

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During firing the recoiling bolt group Steyr aug review uk dating over the top of it, resetting the hammer.

Since the trigger is located some distance away, it transmits its energy through a sear lever which passes by the side of the magazine. The firing pin is operated by a plastic hammer under pressure from a coil spring. The AUG comes standard with four magazines, Steyr aug review uk dating muzzle cap, spare bolt for left-handed shooters, blank-firing adaptor, cleaning kit, sling and either an American M7 or German KCB M1 bayonet. The flash suppressors are Steyr aug review uk dating to the muzzle and internally threaded to take a blank-firing attachment.

The AUG features an Spz-kr type progressive trigger pulling the trigger halfway produces semi-automatic fire, pulling the trigger all the way to the rear produces fully automatic fire and a safety mechanism cross-bolt, button typelocated immediately above the hand grip.

Some versions have an ALO or "automatic lockout", a small projection at the base of the trigger. This was first included on the Irish Defence Forces variant of the rifle, and soon after, the Australian Defence Forces variant. In the exposed position the ALO stops the trigger being squeezed past the semi-automatic position. If needed, the ALO can be pushed up to permit automatic fire. The light machine gun version of the AUG uses an extended round magazine.

The AUG has a 1. It also has a backup iron sight with a rear notch and front blade, cast into the top of the aluminium optical sight housing, used in case of failure or damage to the primary optical sight. The sight is Steyr aug review uk dating equipped with a set of three illuminated dots one on the front blade and two at the rear for use in low-level lighting conditions.

In order to mount a wide range of optics and accessories, a receiver with a NATO -standard Picatinny rail and detachable carrying handle was also developed and introduced in December Steyr aug review uk dating quick-change barrel used in the AUG is cold hammer-forged by GFM-GmbH of Steyr Austria for increased precision and durability, its bore, chamber and certain components Steyr aug review uk dating the gas system are chrome-plated.

An external sleeve is shrunk on to the barrel and carries the gas port and cylinder, gas valve Steyr aug review uk dating forward grip hinge jaw. There is a short cylinder which contains a piston and its associated return spring.

The barrel locks into a steel insert inside the receiver through a system of eight lugs arranged around the chamber end and is equipped with a folding, vertical grip that helps to pivot and withdraw the barrel during barrel changes. The most compact of the barrels has a fixed vertical grip.

The receiver housing is a steel-reinforced aluminium extrusion finished with a baked enamel coating. The non-reciprocating plastic cocking Steyr aug review uk dating Steyr aug review uk dating in a slot on the left side of the receiver and is connected to the bolt carrier's left guide rod.

Steyr aug review uk dating cocking handle has a forward assist feature—alternatively called Steyr aug review uk dating "silent cocking device"—used for pushing the bolt shut without recocking the rifle.

Older versions of the AUG can be upgraded to use the Steyr aug review uk dating A3 stock and in turn the button release; however, it requires they also upgrade other key parts as well including the hammer pack. The rifle's stock is made from fibreglass-reinforced polyamide At the forward end is the pistol grip with an enlarged forward trigger guard completely enclosing the firing hand that allows the rifle to be operated with winter gloves.

Behind that is the locking catch for the stock group. Pressing this to the right will separate the receiver and stock. The magazine catch is behind the housing, on the underside of the stock. Above the housing are the two ejector openings, one of which is always covered by a removable strip of plastic. The rear of the stock forms the actual shoulder Steyr aug review uk dating which contains the hammer unit and the end of the bolt path.

The butt is closed by an endplate which is held in place by the rear sling swivel. This swivel is attached to a pin Steyr aug review uk dating pushes in across the butt and secures the plate. There is a cavity under the buttplate that holds a cleaning kit. While the AUG is not fully ambidextrous, it can still be configured to be use for left- or right-handed operators by changing the bolt with one that has the extractor and ejector on the appropriate side, and moving the blanking plate to cover the ejection port not in use.

The AUG's receiver may also be changed from the standard model with a carrying handle and built-in 1.

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The AUG's firing mechanism may also be changed Steyr aug review uk dating will, into a variety of configurations, including semi-auto and full-auto, semi-auto and three-round-burst, semi-auto-only, or any other combination that the user may desire. The GLA is mounted on the rifle's bottom accessory rail with the trigger moving through a removable plug in the trigger guard that allows for operation of the launcher inside of it, moving it further back than other launchers to maintain center of balance and improve handling.

The ML40AUS differs from the M by having a side-opening breech to allow for longer grenade rounds, a Steyr aug review uk dating safety, and a new quadrant sight that mounts to the top rail alongside the rifle's optics.

Though marginally heavier than the Steyr aug review uk Steyr aug review uk dating it has the same attachment, firing mechanism, and control layout. It differs from the Australian version in several ways. One of the more notable is that it has three fire settings off, Steyr aug review uk dating, autowhereas the Australian version has two off, and a single-auto setting depending on how far the trigger is pressed.

The Steyr AUG is a 5. A conversion kit used to transform any rifle variant into the submachine gun is also available.

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It consists of a barrel, bolt, adapter insert and magazine. To accomplish this, a modified bolt carrier, striker and trigger Steyr aug review uk dating with sear are used. A semi-automatic version of the Steyr aug review uk dating known as the AUG P is available to the civilian and law enforcement markets. The rifle also has a slightly different optical sight that features a reticule with a fine dot in the centre of the Steyr aug review uk dating circle, allowing for more precise aiming.

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Retrieved 11 August Retrieved 4 June Retrieved 20 June Retrieved 23 June Archived from the original on 7 June Retrieved 21 May Archived from the original PDF on 20 October Retrieved Steyr aug review uk dating August Retrieved 22 June Retrieved 19 June Archived from the original on 3 February Retrieved 11 June The F90 is identical to the EFdesignated weapon currently being developed by the company for Australia's LAND program, and is Steyr aug review uk dating on the F88 platform that has been in service and evolved in Australia since the late s.

Small Arms Defense Journal. Retrieved 22 May Steyr aug review uk dating Small Arms Research.

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