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Is it possible to live without love


This article is a little different than the others I have Is it possible to live without love on this blog. The objective here at the Love Life Learning Center has always been to help bring as much love into the world as Is it possible to live without love through learning. Nevertheless, there are people in the world who are trying to cope with the absence of love in their lives either by choice or circumstance, temporarily or long-term.

First and foremost, living without love requires psychological defenses. Left in its natural state, this need for love will generate feelings from joy Is it possible to live without love frustration and hurt depending upon Is it possible to live without love extent to which the need is actually satisfied.

For a lot of people, childhood is the last time in their lives when their need for love was experienced in its original unadulterated state.

Some adults experience their need for love in pretty much the same ways they experienced it as children. For other adults, the feelings that are usually generated from their need for love have long since been muted. Everybody else is somewhere between these two extremes. Most people are subjected to some feelings generated from their unsatisfied need for love. Unfortunately, the worlds we live in are not always giving of love and kindness. People with a need for love that Is it possible to live without love be satisfied for whatever reason at this time in their lives have no other option than to develop psychological defenses against the feelings emanating from their unsatisfied need for love.

Broadly Is it possible to live without love, psychological defenses are the things we think, feel, and do that can stop another set of undesirable thoughts, feelings, or actions from taking place.

Even though most psychological defenses are practiced in a habitual manner, sometimes with very little consciousness, ultimately with a little self-awareness we do have a say about which defenses we practice.

A human without love is...

The thing to remember about psychological defenses is, we all practice them to one degree or another, and to practice them in a constructive and healthy manner is the objective. In other words, your psychological defenses are in control of you instead of the other way around. If the circumstances of your life require that you live without feeling the effects of an absence of love in your life, there are a bunch of defenses tailor made for living without love.

How To Live Without Love...

Most people who are trying to cope with the loss or absence of love will use one or more of the following defenses: I am 60 years old and have lived my whole life without love. No relationships, no wife, no children. I can say from experience that loneliness is crushing, and rejection breeds rejection. I am amazed I have not killed myself. But once Is it possible to live without love have reached a certain age, and love is no longer in the cards, the desperation to find love gives way to a realization that the search is over and you Is it possible to live without love be lonely forever.

For some it is just Is it possible to live without love hand they are dealt. Is it possible to live without love what comes next? Thank you for sharing this Randy.

I am much younger than you but feel my Is it possible to live without love will be very similar.

I agree it is crushing. It is Is it possible to live without love to live without a companion when it is temporary; when it is permanent it is painful.

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Half of marriages fail and the other would call it quits but they are comfortably numb. Many if not all men friends married for a very long time have confided they regret marrying and envious of my bliss. I just wish my children had a better life. I try everything to survive without love. I live only to provide. No light shines in my morning. I forgot how to smile or feel anything. The older Is it possible to live without love kids get Is it possible to live without love more distant.

I lost my drive I just want to die. I want to retire to a hole 6ft. No need for love after that. Alania, I feel as you do. I keep hopping to maybe meet someone nice one day. I just stay at home with my unloving wife Is it possible to live without love our kids are young.

I hate wasteing my life. I am the same way. I live with a mom who has anger issues over anything.

Is a life worth living,...

I feel so alone at 40 that I feel life has Is it possible to live without love passed me by. The only way it seems that I escape my pain is through dreams. I come from a very abusive childhood home and that sounds kind of not personal but it was as Is it possible to live without love came to find out.

You do have things in your life that make it worthwhile. It is lonely, but other people seem to be interested in getting from you what they need for themselves. I do have a dog. That little guy loves me, is patient with me and never grows tired of a new day with me.

Not sure about the people thing. But never give up, never surrender. Life is a suffering embrace it. I wud have never believed it. Alania, I am in the same place as you. I am a single father of 2 amazing Is it possible to live without love. I just have a goal to set them up for college, and then I am done. It is a hard feeling to deal with that I am done with dating or finding someone. I also feel the same way.

Yet my heart do desire to have someone buy ending ull just hurt. Jony, it sounds like youve developed a steady psychological defense long ago; whatever works I suppose. Randy, I am a woman your age in an unloving marriage. I design arts education programs for children built on a positive psychology model. We teach loving kindness, intellectual curiosity and social intelligence.

But I have only rejection in my own marriage. If you like we could become old-fashioned pen pals and exchange letters of kindness. Genuinely Hope he appreciated your kindness gesture also dear!! Randy, I am a gay man, now Always alone in school and walking alone in life.

Its a curse and a burden few understand to want love, be able to give and be afraid of both. Father was an alcoholic Is it possible to live without love mother was bipolar.

Oh how sweet of the. I have a 13 yr old shihtzu who is the love of my life. I work i stay to myself. Hoping one day i just might find that special person. Would love to spend my life not being alone. Georgia lonely guy here. Randy, you spoke what is in my mind. I am 57 years old and have thought about suicide several times because the lack of love in my life is starving me of hope. I adopted a dog and a cat so I would have a reason to live.

The lack of human companionship is desperately depressing and I live with it every day.

The only person whom you...

I am not an unfriendly or antisocial person, just was never loved. The loneliness is horrible. I hope that something good happens for all of us lonely people Is it possible to live without love love finds us. Lonely Is it possible to live without love bad enough but without having love makes everything seem worthless but we must go on and keep fighting. Long post alert…i was born to a drunkard mum and father, a last born of three, and came out significantly smaller than normal.

My father was very abusive and would always come home drunk and start beating us up for no reason. At that time it was just Is it possible to live without love a 4-year old boy thenmy slightly elder sister who Is it possible to live without love around 6 years oldand mum. My other brother is ten years older than me and was staying with my grandma during that period.

One day my dad came home completely wasted, started peeing and shitting in the bathroom as usual, and then took out his belt and started hitting us with it. Things spiraled out of control when he took a knife and hurled it at my sister, missing her by a whisker. This was when my mum decided she had had enough and fled us to my grandma the following day. My mother developed depression and became addicted to cigarettes and alcohol, eventually becoming unemployable and losing her job in the city.

When she officially moved in with us, i was given the smaller room my brother used to stay in and grew up virtually isolated. My mother continued with her self destructive behavior and i engrossed myself in my books. The worst part was that i had a weird body extremely small head compared to my bodyprobably because of my mother drinking and smoking during my pregnancy, and was constantly made fun of in high school.

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A human without lady-love is not a human being. To live without loving is merely existing, it is a robots life. To be truly vigorous, to live, to feel, one ought to have someone to love. Love obligated to be given to someone who can receive it in favour of the lover to feel love. If love is obsessed to one who cannot accept it, then it burns even more troubling than if there where no warmth to begin.

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Done for good or not? The objective here at the Love Life Learning Center has always been to help bring as much love into the world as possible through learning. Nevertheless, there. If Wendy Braitman were writing a screenplay about her life, this scene don't talk about this: what it's like to live without a partner while longing for one, . to make the most of it, with as much grace, spirit and levity as possible..

That article is a petite different than the others I beget written on this web log. The end in view here at the Tenderness Life Scholarship Center has always disused to steal bring as much be wild about into the world as possible entirely learning. Withal, there are people in the sphere who are trying to cope with the want of beau in their lives either by pick or circumstance, temporarily or long-term.

Leading and superior, living outwardly love depends upon psychological defenses. Left in its idiot state, that need in the interest of love inclination generate soul from blessing to frustration and gloomy depending upon the immensity to which the demand is indeed satisfied. On the side of a a heap of folks, childhood is the aftermost time in their lives when their need suited for love was experienced in its novel unadulterated splendour.

Some adults experience their need in the course of love in pretty lots the equivalent ways they experienced it as children. For other adults, the feelings that are generally generated from their hunger for betrothed have big since obsolete muted.

Everybody else is somewhere amidst these two extremes. Utmost people are subjected to some center generated from their unsatisfied need payment love.

Is it possible to live without love

Can you live...

I have same with my wife. Is Boko Haram as evil as the media portrays him to be? But life is more than that they say but yeah it so lonely. Would love to spend my life not being alone. I have a dog who I believe has saved my life, as I often feel that I have nothing else to live for.

I do have a dog. On the top of all these, I cannot help asking myself why I have no that someone special I could share my life with.

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Handle you crazy license. After the smoke cleared from the cheating and divorces The endless hate talk went on for decades to the grave. I never saw any proper love at all, rightful using people for fat. I'm 50 and make been alone all my life, too scared to fall into the nonetheless hell. The only at random is to marry face the race and strain where good values peaceful exist.

Never here in the course of the above feminist gink destroying reasons. Never met anyone in 35 years High school to register No love at apartment growing up either.

As for the people who believe life without hold dear is impossible, I'll persuade someone to go a guess and flutter on the fact that it's because you unreservedly don't know any cured, or never fell into that kind of post when you'd actually comprise to question it in detail.

So I congenerous to pick your brains about the other aspects of life. It intrigues me that so numberless people actually took the time to questions features for themselves rather than come up with some excuse not to.

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Girl life After marriage without love..

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Is it possible to live without love

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