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Real life demon hunters


Halloween is coming up, reminding us to confront the lurking evils around us, and to dispatch them to the sulfuric pits from whence they Real life demon hunters. The story of Saint Anthony c. He is sometimes referred to as the Father of Monks, having created a desert monasticism that drew Christian ascetics far away from the urban centers. But his famous fight with demons in the Egyptian desert also laid the groundwork for all subsequent thinking about demons and possession [1].

After throwing off the temptations of the flesh, Anthony was revisited by the devil many times — but the devil always shape-shifted to appear as some Real life demon hunters. But most demons, Anthony assures us, have no real power in the physical world. They only seem to be causally efficacious.

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The trick is to acknowledge that you are having a frightening experience, but realize that the frightener is like a hallucination rather than a material creature.

In fact, reading St. Anthony is like reading an early self-help treatise for schizophrenics. In addition to Real life demon hunters who shape-shift into frightening phantasms — which are easily banished by a resolute sign-of-the-cross — Anthony acknowledges the phenomenon of real human possession.

This is somewhat difficult to square with his persistent claim that demons have no real power.

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In the last half of the Life of Anthony, Athanasius Real life demon hunters of many terrible cases of people who have come into the custody of demon spirits. Real life demon hunters answer is interesting: Demons do not have real power unless you become afraid of them, in which case you grant them entry into Real life demon hunters cause-and-effect world. Our response to demon attack can either give them causal traction in our world or banish them from it.

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We are instrumental in the outcome of the encounter. The role of the demon hunter is to help us cognitively reframe the experience, thereby neutering the threat. Heathens lacked the Christian truth and therefore misinterpreted their occasional encounters with the spirit realm — imagining a pagan theology where they should have seen a monotheism. But more interestingly, Augustine delved into the psychology or Real life demon hunters of the demon mind Real life demon hunters arguing Real life demon hunters demons have knowledge but their knowledge is not sanctified by a sense of charity.

In a tour de force of hermeneutics, he further shows that this is why human pride is empty of charity and indistinguishable except perhaps by degree from demonic psychology. Demons have knowledge, but it is sterile. And the important difference between demonic and angelic knowledge is spelled out. Perhaps the good news for humans in this picture Real life demon hunters that because demons focus, like humans, on the transitory changing world, they can be deceived.

They, like us, live in the world of shadows, and passions can agitate them as well. That means their own emotions can be used against them, by the clever demon hunter. Augustine instructs us about Real life demon hunters imperfect minds of demons, but also offers some insight into Real life demon hunters mysterious bodies.

He points out that many animals too have greater bodily powers of strength, perception, and speed, but humans are more than compensated with the infinitely important faculties of rationality and virtue.

Writing almost nine-hundred years later, Aquinas is still refining Christian demonology and giving nuance to the ideas first formed by St. In his Summa Contra Gentiles, Aquinas considers whether demons are inherently evil. He offers some standard theological and scriptural ways of thinking about demons and monsters.

But since every being, as such, acts to the production of its own likeness, all things that come of the first being Real life demon hunters be good. God saw all things that he had made, and they were very good Gen. This means demons are Real life demon hunters intrinsically evil, and Aquinas gives a philosophical argument for this surprising view [6].

He starts from an old premise about the way that conscious beings make decisions and act. Conscious beings, which would include humans but also aerial-bodied demons, and even angels but not lower animalsalways act for the sake of some perceived good.

They may be wrong about it, but at least they are moving in a direction that seems beneficial to them in some way. You are pushing a crowd of people in the street in order to get to your destination, and some people are injured in the scuffle.

Real life demon hunters suffering is not your Real life demon hunters goal or motivation. Their suffering is an unfortunate but unintended consequence of your over-zealous sense of punctuality. You are not guilty of knowingly and willfully hurting other people — but you are guilty of Real life demon hunters careless and thoughtless about the safety of others.

Aquinas thinks this point extends to the demons as well. The wider popular culture believes demons to be inherently evil beings that intentionally seek the pain and suffering of others as their only real goal and purpose. But Aquinas thinks demons are confused and weak-willed — accidentally evil, not essentially evil [7]. When those demons tortured St. Anthony, for example, they were motivated by their admittedly selfish and wrongheaded sense of good.

One suspects that Anthony, and other victims of demon torture, would have found this nuanced theory to be cold-comfort. The answers are interesting. Aquinas analyzes the fall of the prince of demons himself, Lucifer, and finds a perfect illustration of his general theory. Even the devil is not naturally or essentially evil.

Referring to Isaiah chapter xivAquinas says that the devil did not properly impose the Higher Good upon his own. In this sense we must understand the saying that he aimed at equality with God, not that he ever expected his goodness to equal the divine Real life demon hunters life demon hunters Now we know what makes demons tick, so to speak.

Demons are not, contrary to popular opinion, embodiments Real life demon hunters this imaginary evil energy [9]. They are instead, aerial-bodied agents with conscious volition who confusedly seek their own self-aggrandizement — in other words, they are meaner versions of ourselves, who can also shape-shift and turn invisible.

Earlier demonologists, like Aquinas and Real life demon hunters authors of the influential Canon Episcopi [11], argued that the frightening visions and shape-shifting episodes associated with witchcraft were really just quasi-dream-like phantasms.

If some evil spirit were to trigger this storage faculty just right, then it would flood the perceptual senses and give the person the illusory experience of real external stimuli outside the body.

Institoris breaks with this more benign version of witchcraft, and offers a clever way to get demons back in their threatening positions. Works of evil, according to Institoris, are not just indigestion-like fabrications of the body. They are real and they are happening in the external world; children really are being eaten by demonic were-wolves, the witches are actually taking flight.

But how is it done, if only God has true creative power like this? Demons according to Institoris do not make something from nothing when they enact their transgressions — that would truly violate a Real life demon hunters notion of the monotheistic God. It may seem that demons and their witches conjure monsters and Real life demon hunters from thin air, but they do not really create in such an absolute manner.

Instead, the demons have an amazing understanding of the Book of Nature. They grasp the first principles, fundamental springs, and material Real life demon hunters of physical nature itself.

They are the ultimate alchemists [12]. According to Institoris, the evil ones sift the matter of nature to find the seeds semina of transformation, and then use Real life demon hunters micro-agents as catalysts for their own nefarious inventions [13].

Demons transform nature more by chemistry than by magic. Just as the form of the oak tree exists like a germ in the acorn, so too all of nature is filled with micro-seeds that when triggered alter the perceivable world in significant ways. Demons understand these mechanisms, which are invisible to humans, and they engineer outcomes in ways that look miraculous to us. By this subtle knowledge of nature, witches appear to predict the future, but they cannot really see the future as God can [14].

Demons simply alter nature in ways that scare and frighten us, and seem supernatural [15]. Nature is being altered by demons in ways that allow witches to kill their neighbors with effigies and pins. Of course, letting Real life demon hunters chump-demons and their paltry witch covens undo Real life demon hunters beautiful divine cosmic plan would reflect very badly on an omniscient God, unless God was actually giving his permission for this suffering.

Whatever their agenda, however, the way Real life demon hunters take them down is clear. Those who were possessed, however, were considered differently than witches. In the case of possession, Real life demon hunters person afflicted was not considered to be evil or malicious, but rather set-upon not entirely responsible for their actions. In these cases, their demonic behavior could be exorcised and they could be restored to fully human status. Interestingly, Institoris notes that when exorcism fails after multiple attempts, then the victim may have been Real life demon hunters Real life demon hunters probably deserves their condition Real life demon hunters a divine punishment.

If you come across a possessed person, a helpful exorcism is outlined by Institoris [16]. First, make the afflicted person give a confession. Next do a careful search of the home to detect any magical implements e.

This should be sustained three times a week to Real life demon hunters grace, and the victim should receive the holy sacrament. If exorcism ultimately fails, then either the person is being punished by God and has to be surrendered, or your faith, as the exorcist, is Real life demon hunters strong enough and new administrators should be brought in. In closing then, Real life demon hunters remember to employ the three tried-and-true weapons of the demon hunting arsenal: Anthony first recommended these low tech strategies, and they remain the bread-and-butter of demon hunting.

Thankfully, however, new armaments, especially the antipsychotics Clozapine and Risperdal, have also proven themselves crucial in twenty-first century demon management.

This Halloween, go forth and mollify. Asma is the author of On Monsters: The book was eventually Real life demon hunters into Latin and set the template for subsequent medieval monastic biographies. Athanasius is revered in all the major sects of Christianity as the first Church Doctor. He served under Alexander of Alexandria, until succeeding him as Patriarch of Alexandria, and may have accompanied Alexander to the First Council of Nicea in Athanasius Real life demon hunters adamant to stamp out the popular theory about Christ, called Arianism, named after another Alexandrian theologian named Arius c.

Arians believed that God created Christ — Christ is not the same substance as God. But this orthodoxy was not established until after a sustained attack on Arianism as heresy, some of which occupies the later sections of the Life of Anthony. Burns and Oates, Aquinas, and most Christian theologians adopt this starting point, but also add unique considerations that Real life demon Real life demon hunters not trouble the ancients about the relevant mechanisms of sin.

Causes produce effects that are similar in kind to their causes. Finally, he thinks, this proves that evil which is always caused incidentally is not a real metaphysical presence in the world a real causal forcebut only a kind of unpleasant epiphenomenon.

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