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Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel


They then made an announcement that they broke the record. The announcement was made in defiance about to whom they were supposedly breaking the record. Eagle News of the INC earlier reported: First, the INC made an announcement of having broken the record. Understandably, they think winning a Guinness is like a basketball game wherein if you add, you get back the title.

But this attempt is one that they soon realize is still uncooked. Normally, awards from the Guinness World Records are given the same day, the GWR adjudicator being present during the event. But there was none in attendance in this INC event. The reporter who first reported about the attempt had clarified that. As part of the celebration, the Ang Dating Daan Chorale sang a medley of gospel songs properly conducted under concert conditions. Acting as official witness was Philippine Congressman Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel Tupas.

Fortuna Burke Melhem judged them as the current record-breaker of all time. The previous record-holder of 4, participants was that of the Iglesia ni Cristo, also from the Philippines.

However, on December 23,the kingdomboiz. This false report was used widely by members of the Iglesia ni Cristo to heckle MCGI, much more claim that the award won by the latter is fake. An archenemy, as defined, is one who is extremely hostile or opposed to someone. Eli Soriano, Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel known to expose false teachings in his Bible Exposition programs, but among all religions, it is the INC that does not take criticisms fairly.

MCGI, among others, challenged the report for the lack of mention of a GWR adjudicator present, the rounded number of 12, participants, and the no-show of a clip of the awarding ceremony. MCGI noticed that a report Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel a certain Tobisyn in kingdomboiz.

The 12, was obviously repeated in the paragraphs to underscore the number supposedly beating all others. MCGI was then tasked to find out. It challenged that the report did not mention any Guinness World Records Adjudicator who was present during the affair. The MCGI inquiry also wondered about the 12, and the absence of a video clip Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel the awarding, thus —. The rounded number of 12, is also a surprise because in life, it does not happen that people come in by rounded numbers.

What was the exact number of participants? If at all, why did the video not present the Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel there was such an awarding?

The video being propagated in kingdomboiz. The largest gospel choir consists of 8, participants and was achieved by the Members Church of God International Philippinesat the Araneta Coliseum, Manila, Philippines, on 12 October We can also confirm that an adjudicator was present for the event.

Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel, to date there was no response from the side of Christ Embassy Church although the website says it welcomes inquiries and complaints. A check Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel Wikipedia says —. The false report was also replicated in YouTube.

The reporter should correct himself, at best through public apology. The letter ended thus —. A true church would fight for truth and not shield anyone attempting to lie, in the same way that your site should stand for truth. However, to date, there was no explanation coming from Christ Embassy Church or choir or website. Manila, Philippines August 15, — What did experts think about the dissent within the Iglesia ni Cristo?

Eli Soriano whom the INC...

The INC is facing a crisis. Critics claim that the leaders of the group are wasting money Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel the millions of pesos being spent for their airplane. The Boeing Business Jet is said to have been purchased 4 years ago at an estimated price of about P3. Yearly maintenance costs of these types of aircraft, according to those in the know, easily amount to from P3 million to P4 million.

This excludes fuel expenses. Added to this is abduction of ministers who were critical of the administration. There are allegedly no abductions happening. This is denied by the church. But they immediately excommunicated some critics including the mother and Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel of the Executive Minister, Eduardo Manalo. They even filed libel cases against the critics. Four sources have invariably discussed what is happening with the Iglesia ni Cristo through their own platform: The sect is usually secretive, he said.

There is a need for transparency. In other words, secrecy in the sect has contributed to their undoing. These are Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel issues, he said.

A worldling is a person who is primarily concerned with worldly matters or material things. As applied with the Iglesia ni Cristo, the focus was Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel expansion — material at that, with the Philippine Arena giving the high point of assessment.

Now, we come to a preacher. What did he think about this INC crisis? It is a judgment from God says Bro. Only fanatics insist it is trial, and that corruption is being revealed only now. No, that church has been corrupt from the beginning, he says. What is obtaining now with the Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo is that in spite of their indoctrinated secrecy of what they do, a force from above is making those secrets surface.

Undoubtedly, it is the power of Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel That group has long been practicing the act of covering up ugly matters inside their church, of bringing them down, and layering them into secrecy.

But what they did to five Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel dating daan vs inc debate rommel students in secret, for example, came out. The dead bodies floated and were fished out from the muddy Pasig River!!!! See Supreme Courts Annotated, Vol.

Eli Soriano whom the INC...

In an attempt to flush the killing off, the river was the supposed solution. But the bodies floated up to witness against the killers. Can we say this is like the Cambrian Period where it is said there is a massive explosion of revelation?

I do not believe in the Cambrian Period being an explosion. We cannot say that corruption in the Iglesia ni Cristo ni Manalo evolved!

Eli Soriano whom the INC...

Since its inception, there are the corrupt Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel of its ministers! It was earlier proven by a circular signed by Felix Manalo, first generation Executive or Presiding Minister, himself revealing the corrupt practices of his pioneering ministers. On a circular read in the whole district of Leyte, July 25,Joven O.

Sepillo Sr is excommunicated for allegedly fighting the Administration Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel circulating false information with the objective of troubling the church. He was expelled instead. The following are excerpts Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel his post [translated from Tagalog] centered on many questions similar to those being voiced out by other excommunicated INC ministers —.

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If only I left in an orderly way, it would not reach this far, they said. Is what is orderly, bidding goodbye without mentioning any shenanigans and not calling the Administration to counter these? Have they found out that there is no corruption going on now? Has the Administration done an honest-to-goodness investigation Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel protect the Sanggunian from false accusations? If they have but the ones told to investigate are themselves the accused, will justice be seen Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel the brethren who are looking for truth?

I am sad that what is often heard from the Spokesman of the Iglesia regarding critics is that they are only defaming without showing any evidence. Those opposing corruption are shown as evil and creating trouble in the church. They are the ones being persecuted, threatened, and done with, just to silence them.

On October 12, , Ang...

Is there no one from the Sanggunian who will stand for truth? Shall we only wait for the hand of God to render judgment on the guilty? They may have forgotten that it is a Nation of God that they are managing. The root cause of these troubles now is the change of perceptions among ministers about their supposed Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel in the Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel. Some are not aware that this is where corruption entered in — the supposed lifestyle of ministers.

See post by Jorge. San Juan, the professor, said secrecy has not done good to the INC. He considers that some of the issues raised by the members of the INC are public and therefore valid. Cornelio, the sociologist says the INC has come to religious worldling, a sophistication that he tends to congratulate, although it is Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel about being godly but worldly. Cornelio has Ang dating daan vs inc debate rommel scratched the surface and his basic fault is the color of his tone.

He provides no proper guidance for the reader since his moral compass is also faulty. The original material was written one year before this public clash between the Manalo brothers with the Sanggunian on the side of Eduardo Manalo, the incumbent executive minister. Where was Cornelio all the time?

The column of this Sociologist of Religion is pathetically dead and deaf to events that have recently unfolded and still are. There was no attempt at updating.

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